visiting the houses of PARLIAMENT


We have taken events to The Houses of Parliament a number of times over the years, and it is always a fascinating visit. It is still, after all these years, a building that inspires marvel when you enter it. There is a buzz and an energy within it's walls, that is palpable.

Talk Business UK has hosted many afternoon tea receptions in the Members' Dining Room, taken members on a tour of the building, had meetings with MPs and even a visit to the Elizabeth Tower to climb the 334 steps to the belfry to view and hear Big Ben chime - at midday! 

What though, from a business perspective, are the benefits of attending these events at the Houses of Parliament?

There are not many times that you can showcase your business or charity in the Houses of Parliament and talk to directly to Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament with such ease. We have found, that the businesses who gain the most from these events, are those who invite the people to them that they wish to meet. If you have a business based in London, that you have been trying to connect with for some time, an invite to an Afternoon Tea at Parliament, in the Members' Dining Room, is a great way to catch their attention! 

The Afternoon Tea is held over two hours, with the businesses and charities taking part arranged around the room, almost like a mini trade show. There are always lots of people popping in and out over the two hours, and the MP's hosting the afternoon, invite their colleagues to drop in. Key speakers,  and the hosting MP's, give short speeches about relevant business matters. 

Over the years, there have been some interesting and valuable connections made at this event. One year Aston Martin promised a van to a charity who were in need as did Dallas Burston Polo.